How to Test Your Business Idea for Less Than $100

White board showing steps to rapidly test business ideas using analytics and growth hacking

This article is ALL value, no fluff. Terms are linked to other sources for more explanation.

When starting a business

Test it first:

Landing Pages:

  • What do customers gain by using your product or service? Say it, say it clearly and constantly. Keep it short and simple, people have short attention spans and competition for their attention is everywhere.
  • Make it easy for people to give you money. Remove as many steps as possible. Have people go through your website with the intent of buying something. Without speaking, observe them. If they have issues, IT’S YOUR FAULT, not theirs. Make it easier.
  • Capture impulse. Always have a call-to-action visible, but not too many at once. It should be the most obvious thing visible at any point.
  • Collect all the data you legally can. It will help you make informed decisions.

When hiring:

  • Start everyone on short-term contracts or internshipsReward strong performers, not strong interviewers.


  • Make it valuable. Provide as much value as you can afford to provide. It will come back to you in the form of loyal followers.

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